Registration - 10:30 AM

Introduction - 11:00 AM

Speaker: Monica O. - 11:15 AM

Speaker: Ado A. - 11:50 AM

Workshop: Robert & Walters - 12:25 AM

Lunch: Provided by Nandos - 12:45 PM

Workshop: Dale Carl - 1:45 PM

Presentation by Startup: Emerging Markets Project - 2:10 PM

Presentation by Startup: Boon Rewards Inc - 2:20 PM

Presentation by Startup: TBA - 2:30 PM

Teams Collaborate - 2:40 PM

Teams Present Solutions to Start-Ups - 3:40 PM

Top 2 Teams Announced - 5:00 PM

Break Period - 5:20 PM

Final 6 Teams Announced - 5:40 PM

Final 6 Teams Present Solution - 5:50 PM

Top 3 Team Finalists Announced & Award Ceremony - 6:35 PM

Dinner: Provided by Mushkaki - 6:55 PM

Networking - 7:55 PM




Twitter: @monakowski

Twitter: @monakowski

Monica Otulakowski

Otulakowski is a scientist and creative strategist working to fix organizational issues in government. Transitioning from a career in industry, Monica moved to the public sector on a mission to bring a private-sector approach to solve public sector problems, and has held a variety of progressively senior roles in the Ontario Public Service. Currently, she is working as a Relationship Manager for Ontario’s largest public-private partnership where she is leading efforts to modernize the province’s land registration system. Monica is spearheading efforts to maintain the foundational economic infrastructure of the province while making it easier for customers to get their job done.

Abdoulkadre A.png

Abdoulkadre Ado, Ph.D.

Professor Ado completed his university education in Africa, Asia, and North America. A global business scholar, his research looks at corporate partnerships in emerging countries, particularly in China-Africa settings. He stayed at UN Headquarters in New York, visited more than forty countries and advises several executives. Dr. Ado received the Vanier CGS from the Federal Government of Canada, a world-class scholar recognition from the Canadian Senate, and distinguished, merit-based scholarships from Chinese and African governments. He is currently an Assistant Professor of International Business at University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management.

Professor Ado will be discussing, Africa in Global Business: Is the Continent Becoming the New China?

In this talk, he will highlight the increasing role of Africa in the global economy and the changing dynamic resulting from Africa becoming a pivotal region in global business and trade. He will also explain how China-Africa partnerships are contributing, through knowledge transfer, to the upgrade of African businesses on the global value chain. His speech will conclude with some thoughts about how Africa is gradually attracting FDI and foreign companies including those relocating from China.